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LeeDrOiD M8 V8.2.3 Stable now live!

June 22, 2016

A new stable build for the HTC One M8 has now been published.

HTC threads across XDA have gotten a little quiet in recent times, it’s always a challenge maintaining multiple ROM’s, but I’m happy to continue, providing the user base is substantial enough to justify the work involved in maintaining the builds.

With the HTC 10 now being my daily driver, the future of legacy device ROM’s will be determined by user take-up, I will take into account how busy the threads are & how many active LeeDrOiD Tweak installations there are per device.

I don’t plan on stopping any time soon so don’t get in a flap, but if I feel the ROM has died a death, a final stable will be published and support will cease.

Hope this doesn’t sound too hard ball, but I start a new job in a few weeks & time will be even more precious.

It’s great to see things are still ticking over nicely and I sincerely hope you are all enjoying the experience!

Kind Regards


PayPal Donations vs. Premium Keys

May 26, 2016

Hi All!

A quick note from me on PayPal donations and premium keys.

Obviously there are benefits for users when it comes down to purchasing premium keys, I wouldn’t want to take away from that.

But if anyone already has a key & wants to send me a few coffees, PayPal is still the preferred method.

The premium key you see for £2.50 includes VAT specific to your countries rate, google then take an additional 30% from your payment for them selves, so total profit per key at my end is approximately £1.37 per key.

PayPal however take a maximum of 5%, meaning 95% of your kind contribution comes straight to me.

This applies to all developers that use Google play, it’s a very handy but very expensive resource.

I thank you all for your time & support, and I sincerely hope you are all enjoying my latest builds!

Peace out.