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New PC Fund – She’s Alive! 

October 16, 2016

Update 03/11/2016.

So the PC is up and running & I’m back to work! …  

Massive Thanks To: SacredDeviL666, Kevin B, Neil B, Jordan D,  Adesh B, Brian L, Guido S, Mads R H, John M,   Sam F,  Mark C,  Jorge P,  Town T,  Colin W,  Kevin B,  Thomas S,  Tony S,  Alex T,  David P,  Richard L,  Deiter W,  Alex W,  Niclas K,  Brian D…  Your all awesome! 

As with all PC builds..  It’s an ongoing thing,  I have a few remaining parts on order & I’m actively updating my little wish list, with additions I need to purchase to turn it into the beast it needs to be! 

The Wishlist: The Wishlist: https://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/19BQAQSEC4VEG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_SChiybW3N0YFT

Here are my donation links :

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Thanks for your support guys, you rock! 🙂


LeeDrOiD Computer Woes

October 6, 2016

Hi LeeDrOiD users, 

It’s with great sadness that I have to say my good old trusty laptop is starting to struggle, It’s over heating,  rebooting & generally  struggling to run,  it probably has a few months left in it..   I have done all I can to keep it going but its getting on a bit now.

So here is the deal..  

I am not in a financial position to pull out for a new one at present,  so all I can do is fire up a fund. . 

Any PayPal donations moving forward will be added to the LeeDrOiD’S New Computer Fund , without a reliable computer I will be unable to continue developing & I’m not sure how soon I would be able to pull out for one personally.

Thanks for listening guys & girls.. Your awesome. 
Here are my donation links :

PayPal Or PayPal Me << No Fees