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New PC Fund – Almost There! 

October 16, 2016

Update 27/10/2016.

Almost there guys, just a few bits left to get and I can get back to work!

I have invested a few quid my self and a massive thank you to those who have helped out so far! 

Remaining items:

Processor: http://www.ebuyer.com/745520-amd-amd-athlon-x4-860k-socket-fm2-4mb-cache-retail-boxed-processor-ad860kxbjasbx


 So he plan is to do a custom build! 

The laptop has a few months the left in it at best, even the most basic of tasks at the moment are painfully difficult to manage. 

Estimated cost is around £400.

The more help I can get the better guys, this really isn’t something me and my family can afford or justify right now.

Here are my donation links :

PayPal Or PayPal Me << No Fees

I have purchased:

A coolermaster CM690 Case,  700watt PSU, a DVDRW, a motherboard,  a monitor, a keyboard,  mouse and all required cabling. 

Thanks for your support guys! 🙂


LeeDrOiD Computer Woes

October 6, 2016

Hi LeeDrOiD users, 

It’s with great sadness that I have to say my good old trusty laptop is starting to struggle, It’s over heating,  rebooting & generally  struggling to run,  it probably has a few months left in it..   I have done all I can to keep it going but its getting on a bit now.

So here is the deal..  

I am not in a financial position to pull out for a new one at present,  so all I can do is fire up a fund. . 

Any PayPal donations moving forward will be added to the LeeDrOiD’S New Computer Fund , without a reliable computer I will be unable to continue developing & I’m not sure how soon I would be able to pull out for one personally.

Thanks for listening guys & girls.. Your awesome. 
Here are my donation links :

PayPal Or PayPal Me << No Fees