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LeeDrOiD M9 Marshmallow - V8.2.6
Re-based on HTC Europe 3.35.401.12

R35 LeeDrOiD V8.3.0 - November 10th
* HTC Sense Home Update - All mods ported

R34 LeeDrOiD V8.3.0 - September 15th
* Move to Stable

R33 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - September 15th
* Update all in-built applications

R32 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - September 15th
* Fix Verizon boot issues
* Remove traces of SuperSU from Tmobile-US & Sprint boot.img's
* Fix init.d support and enable default adb for Sptint, Verizon & Tmobile-US
* Other misc carrier fix-ups
* Aroma: Install SuperSU or run UN-Rooted
* SuperSU 2.78 - Systemless
* Add Aroma options for stock Android LockScreen & Twilight Mode
* Backup and restore of init.d scripts
* Art optimizations - faster boot time after wipe / dalvik wipe
* Enable locking of QS Pulldown when device is locked
* Enable locking of long press power when device locked
* Removed delay and dialog when rebooting to recovery
* Removed delay in power button long press
* LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.0.2
- Too many changes to list

R31 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - August 7th
* Fix SystemUI Tuner FC
* Update LeDrOiD Tweaks V8.8.1
* Update to latest daily use thermal engine configuration by @Mostafa Wael & TeamHelix

R30 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - July 18th
* Test Verizon fix - force systemless root

R29 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - July 18th
* Patched and updates HTC Sense Home 8.14.781908
- All MOD's ported
* Clean-ups

R28 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - July 15th
* Add App Circle Side Bar! - Ported from CM/OMNI (Configurable in Tweaks)
* Add Long press volumes down for flashlight (toggle in tweaks)
* Add Signal strength indicators in QS pull down (toggle in tweaks)
* Update SuperSU
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.7.4
- App Circle Side Bar Toggle
- App Circle Side Bar Height, Width & Position
- App Circe Side Bar Apps
- Enable Toggle for QS pull down signal strength
- Add Flashlight volume long press down option

R26 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - July 1st
* Fix auto record incoming & outgoing calls
* Remove Facebook, Twitter, Photos & DropBox to reduce ROM zip size & fix install issues
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.7.0
* Roll back SuperSU installer - fix Verizon & random boot issues

R25 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - June 28th
* Update Sense Home 8.14.772696

R24 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - June 26th
* Fix APM Screen shot not closing APM
* Revert Telephony - M9 base + call recording
* Fix network setting issues
* Fixed SetupWizard after wipe
* Update all inbuilt applications
* Fix inverted navigation bar toggle in tweaks
* Add menu button to nav bar (toggle in tweaks)
* Add IME switcher button toggle - buttons
* Remove FlexNet & UDove - logging apps
* Added Sense Home custom menu + tweaks toggle - @baadnewz - (thanks @Raymond Ebertt for fixing the menu backgroud)
* Add Status bar pull down battery %
* Add Hide Status bar clock tweak
* Move center clock mod from Aroma to tweaks
* Add Hide BoomSound notification
* Add Hide IME selector notification
* Fix status bar layout in lock screen
* Roll back Settings application to Sense 7
* Fix DND from volume UI
* Fix APN/Network settings
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.6.3 to support
* Re-add HTC Gallery
* Removed Systemless root option (causeing too manu issues)

R22 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - June 7th
* Update HTC 10 Camera
* HTC 10 Camera Tweaks -
- Open with HTC Gallery or Photos
- 0% Jpeg compression
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.4.9
* Update SVN Zipper V1.0.5

R21 LeeDrOiD V8.2.7 - June 7th
* Update Sense Home 8.14.764203 (640dpi) - tweaks ported - thanks @baadnewz
* Update HTC 10 camera v8.10.763406
* Fix version numbers
* Update SVN Zipper V1.0.4

R20 LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - June 6th
* Update SVN zippers & add mac support - Thanks @~clumsy~
* removed safe volume warning
* Fixed Auto Record Incoming Calls - Thanks @baadnewz
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.4.4
* Update HTC 10 Camera - 1.55 base

R17 LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - May 29th
* Fix Sense Home FC on selecting custom highlight colours

R16 LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - May 27th
* Fixed, Simplified & updated SVN Zipper! - Thanks @~clumsy~
* Added Linux SVN Zipper! - Thanks @~clumsy~

R15 LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - May 25th
* Update HTC Sense Home
* Add Infinite folders, landscape support & 5x6 app drawer
* New all in 1 SVN zipper - thanks @clumsy!

R14 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - May 24th
* Update SuperSU 2.74
* Make Root method optional - systemless/system based

R13 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - May 18th
* Add automatic SVN update & zip script (Run within your SVN folder)
* APM: Remove reboot to bootloader and add reboot to Download

R12 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - May 4th
* Update HTC Home - Sense 8
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks

R11 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - April 27th
* Re-add hyperlapse & additional functions - HTC10 Camera
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.1.8

R10 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - April 27th
* Fix HTC 10 Camera apk

R9 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - April 27th
* Added enhanced thermal throttling configuration from @Mostafa Wael - Thanks!
* HTC pnpmgr (Power manager) on as default
* Removed HTC power manager toggle in Aroma - still available in Tweaks
* Renamed HTC 10 & A9 Camera applications
* Aroma - Added optional stock camera removal (Install all 3 if you like!)

R8 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - April 26th
* Aroma - Add HTC A9 Camera Option

R7 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - April 26th
* Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.1.7

R6 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6 - April 26th
TMO-US - Fix WiFi Calling
Update Sense 8 app`s - new base
* HTC 10 camera
* HTC Sense Home
* TouchPal IME & Smart dialer
* HTC Messages
Roll back settings provider
Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks

R5 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6
Verizon - Fix Tethering (Thanks @andybones)
Verizon - Enable power save features
Carrier clean-ups
Update Tweaks to latest playstore version
Update Sense 8 Fonts
Updater clean-ups
Update all in-built applications

R4 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6
Fix weather FC if sound is active
Update to Tweaks V8.0.9

R3 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.6
Fix LockScreen layout when using different wallpaper
Fix App Drawer cropped text when using 3x4 layout & large fonts
Removed Polaris Office


SVN Reset - Revision 2



R121 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.5
Optional Full AOT (Ahead of time ART compilation) -
increases 1st boot time but speeds ups apps loading, reduces memory footprint, should reduce battery usages (Good idea @baadnewz)
More Telephony Big picture adjustments (Thanks @ RequeLine)
Additional HTC 10 "Adaptive Sound" configurations (Headphone configurations)

R120 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.4
Fix Tweaks FC - moved to /system/priv-app

R119 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.4
Update Settings & Settings provider
Update Sense 8 Camera - new HTC10 base
Fix big caller layout - thanks @RequeLine

R116 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.3
Update all Sense 8 apps - Latest base
Bug fixes
Moving to stable release

R115 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.2
Fix Verizon Telephony & Sim error (Hopefully)

R114 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.1
Attempt 2 at verizon support

R113 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.1
Fix Telephony in TMO-US

R111 - LeeDrOiD V8.2.0
HTC Touch Pal included in main build (Removable in Aroma)
Sense 8 Telephony
Sense 8 Weather
Sense 8 Video player & Photo Enhance
Sense 8 World Clock
Sense 8 HTC Service Pack
Added Google Photos (Removable in Aroma)
Fixed HTC Home Menu

R110 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.9
Add Verizon support - TESTING REQUIRED

R109 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.9
Added 5x6 app drawer layout option
Fixed Landscape oprentation layout
Thanks @OMJ!

R108 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.8
Sense 8 app's added & default:
HTC Sense 8 Home
HTC Sense 8 Messages
HTC Sense 8 Lock Screen
HTC Sense 8 Mail & Optional Exchange Hack
HTC Sense 8 Contacts Dialer
HTC Sense 8 Power Manager
HTC Sense 8 Settings
HTC Sense 8 Clock Widget
HTC Sense 8 Wallpapers
HTC Sense 8 Boost+ (Memory management and optimization)
Aroma - Sense 8 Camera
Aroma - Sense 8 Keyboard (TouchPal HTC Version)
Fixed HyperLapse & Slow Motion in Sense 8 camera app
Tweaks V8.0.2 - Fix FC when no data connection is present
Updated LeeDrOiD Boot Anim (Blinking red eye)
Added HTC 10 Down Animation

R107 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.7
Move Facebook, Drive & Maps to /data (using too much space)

R106 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.6
Tweaks rebuild - V8.0.0
Fix SMS to wake and SMS to MMS conversion toggles
Misc clean-ups
Aroma - Add HTC Sense 8 Goodies!!! (From the HTC 10)
- HTC Home with freestyle themes!
- Camera
- Messages
- Keyboard
- Lock Screen

R105 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.5
Update Tweaks:
* Fix dialogs not dismissing
* Code cleanups
Fixed background permission issues
Fix Squared caller layout in lock screen and dialer

R104 - LeeDrOiD V8.1.4
Configuration updates for Doze / Ambient display
Additional Doze / Ambient display modes
Re-added adaway (optional in aroma)
Big tweaks re-work!
* New Seek dialogs
* Any Nav Bar size selection
* Fully customizable ambient display
* Updated layout
* Code clean-ups

R103 LeeDrOiD - V8.1.3
Update Tweaks - V7.7.0
Add AM/PM status bar clock toggle - stock, small or hidden - Thanks @baadewz
Code clean-ups

R102 LeeDrOiD - V8.1.2
Fix module loading on stock kernel
Correct updater

R101 LeeDrOiD:
Rom version update - V8.1.1
Tweaks V7.6.3
Sense Home 7.52.737355
New LeeDrOiD Boot animation - (almost finished)
New default wallpapers
New Aroma splash
Added Hide photo mask - Telephony
Added Hide power saver notification
Dual traffic monitor in status bar! Upload & Download - Thanks @Golv :)
Re-enabled ads in BlinkFeed - causing issues with updating
Added options for NFC Active if screen off - Thanks Baad!
System clean-ups

R100! LeeDrOiD
Tweaks: Now reads HTC Customizations thanks @baadnewz !
Tweaks: New build.prop read & write method
Tweaks: Additional ambient display options
Tweaks: Toggle LED notifications
Tweaks: Toggle adb/mtp default option
Tweaks: code clean-ups & re-organization
Tweaks: Added advertising - premium key available via the play store
Aroma: Added additional tweaks options tab (options that require reboot)
HTC Power manager off as default (pnpmgr)
Removed adaway
Misc Clean-ups

R99 LeeDrOiD:
Tweaks: Re-theme!!!!
Tweaks: Added missing toggles for MTP & Sync
Tweaks: Added Heads-up notification toggle
Tweaks: Fix big blink feed pictures
Tweaks: Fixed incorrect default options (inverted toggles)
Fixed Center clock on lock screen
New default wallpaper
Removed HTC Video Chat Enhance - incompatible with Android 6.0.1 EGL
Removed Check-in Provider & Google Feedback
Stripped advertising - HTC Sense Home
More A9 6.0.1 ART & EGL binaries & libraries
Speed tweaks & clean-ups

R98 LeeDrOiD: - Aroma changes, do not select update only
Tweaks: Toggle MTP notification
Tweaks: Toggle HTC Sync notification
Tweaks: Fix SMS Wake screen toggle
Tweaks: Add Disable SMS to MMS conversion toggle
Tweaks: Auto call recording incoming / outgoing
Tweaks: Fixed inverted toggles - Back key to kill & dynamic Nav Bar
Tweaks: Ambient Display toggle (removed from Aroma)
Aroma: Remove big caller option (made redundant by squared caller tweaks)
Fix bad EOL in init.d/96tweaks script
Add Android 6.0.1 HTC A9 EGL Shared Libraries - Speed Boost!
Add Android 6.0.1 HTC A9 Art shared libraries - Boot Speed Boost!
Remove DexOpt flags increasing boot time
Fix Nav Bar toggle for Sprint, T-Mobile US & AT&T-Mobile
Fix Squared Caller toggle for Sprint, T-Mobile US & AT&T-Mobile
Added Aroma warning on restore previous options

R97 LeeDrOiD
Update Tweaks & Fix Force Close on missing property / bad integer
Remove Nav Bar size options from Aroma (Set in Tweaks)

R96 LeeDrOiD
Add missing prop
Tweaks: Add Marshmallow permission request for storage

R95 LeeDrOiD
ROM: Application updates
Aroma: Fix big caller photo mod
Tweaks: Square caller mod toggle
Tweaks: Nav Bar Size list selector
Tweaks: Fast Dormancy toggle
Tweaks: More code clean-ups and changes

R94 LeeDrOiD
Update & Patch HTC Sense Home 7.52.730631

R93 LeeDrOiD
Fix Installer issues
Fix Tweaks Sweep to sleep toggle
Add Tweaks Enhanced MM Permissions toggle (The timer)

R92 LeeDrOiD Tweaks Fix

R91 LeeDrOiD
Major Tweaks re-write
Move battery icon options to tweaks (change on the fly)
Add Sweep to Sleep options to tweaks (change on the fly)
System clean-ups
Clumsy kernel tweaks updated

R90 LeeDrOiD
Add Aroma removal for - HTC Tasks, Power To Give & HTC Club
Fix "Android is upgrading - Starting apps" on every boot
Tweaks update - V55

R89 LeeDrOiD
Aroma app removal cleanups
Zip-align (optimize ram usage)
Move Google drive & My Task back to /system

R88 LeeDrOiD
System & install cleanups
Update Stericson busybox 1.24.1
Launch Marshmallow Land (Hidden android game) from tweaks!
Launch SystemUI Tuner from tweaks

R87 LeeDrOiD
Tweaks update
Re-add massive LeeDrOiD Locales list
Re-all Droid logo font
System cleanups & optimizations
Re-add SuperDroid boot audio (off as default)

R86 LeeDrOiD Major Tweaks update's
LeeDrOiD Add tweaks to settings
LeeDrOiD Integrate 8 app updates into system
LeeDrOiD Update exchange mail - Fix FC on reply
R85 LeeDrOiD Fix Full Wipe!
LeeDrOiD Installer clean-ups
R84 LeeDrOiD Fix Doze / Ambient display wakelocks
LeeDrOiD Add automatic scaling of caller photo for nav bar tweak
LeeDrOiD More tweaks updates
R83 LeeDrOiD Update Tweaks
LeeDrOiD Fix full wipe
LeeDrOiD Fix restore aroma options
R82 LeeDrOiD Add allow all rotations tweak
LeeDrOiD Rework tweaks & add Stericsson root-tools
R81 LeeDrOiD Add Tweaks - SMS Wake Screen
R80 LeeDrOiD Move to STABLE Build - V8.1.0
LeeDrOiD Add China Sense Aroma option for @guidogsbn
LeeDrOiD Update tweaks system mounts (fix freezes)
R78 LeeDrOiD Roll back T-Mobile US boot.img (Fix qti tether)
R77 LeeDrOiD Fix T-Mobile US & Sprint Installation
LeeDrOiD Integrate all recent app updates to /system
R76 LeeDrOiD Limit LeeDrOiD Kernel to International & AT&T
R75 LeeDrOiD Rework updater & Aroma
LeeDrOiD Rework LeeDrOiD kernel installation
LeeDrOiD Fix Sprint boot.img & flash
LeeDrOiD Celaned up T-Mobile US boot.img
R74 LeeDrOiD Sprint Fix - Temporary work around
R73 LeeDrOiD Add option to restore previous Aroma configuration
R72 LeeDrOiD Integrate all app updates to /system
R71 LeeDrOiD Roll back sprint boot.img (tether may still fc)
LeeDrOiD Add P.I.E Hack to 32 bit linker
R70 LeeDrOiD Update Google Music & Plus
LeeDrOiD Remove HTC FunFit (Strolling)
R68 LeeDrOiD Add missing WebViewGoogle libs
R67 LeeDrOiD Fix setup wizard & remove redundant lib's
R66 LeeDrOiD Update updater app removal
R65 LeeDrOiD Fix broken packages
R64 LeeDrOiD App updates
R63 LeeDrOiD More cleanups
R62 LeeDrOiD Add latest TMO-US files from @twinnfamous
LeeDrOiD System cleanups
LeeDrOiD correct some gapp's - in the base as arm not arm64
LeeDrOiD Updater adjustments
LeeDrOiD remove 50VolKey - fix wakelock
R61 LeeDrOiD Add @twinnfamous TMOUS boot.img & Lazy Run-Parts
R60 LeeDrOiD Fixed Ambient Display/Doze display
LeeDrOiD Fixed s2s for TMOUS & SPRINT
R59 LeeDrOiD Revert Sprint & Tmobile US boot.img and re-add tether fix
R58 LeeDrOiD Fix volume increments on vol/media key tweak
LeeDrOiD Properly fixed Dynamic nav bar colour layout issues
LeeDrOiD Added Ambient display / doze service
LeeDrOiD Hybrid root - System based for main rom, system-less for carriers
R57 LeeDrOiD Attempt to fix root & tether FC on Sprint & TMO-US
R56 LeeDrOiD Add volume to control media tweak
LeeDrOiD Add Recent app button behavior option to settings
LeeDrOiD Tweaks updated
R55 LeeDrOiD Disabled package signaure checking
LeeDrOiD Enabled enhanced AppOp prompts
LeeDrOiD Enhanced AppOp Management
R54 LeeDrOiD Add TMO-US Support - needs testing
R53 LeeDrOiD Updater cleanups
R52 LeeDrOiD Rollback (causing adb issues)
R51 LeeDrOiD Optional Aroma dalvik wipe
LeeDrOiD Framework cleanups
R50 LeeDrOiD Kernel V8.0.2
OnDemand gov as default
LeeDrOiD Insecure boot.img ro=0
LeeDrOiD Fully debuggable
LeeDrOiD Changed SU install method
LeeDrOiD Enabled su.d
LeeDrOiD Disabled encryption (properly)
LeeDrOiD Selinux setenforce = 0
LeeDrOiD changed partition mounts - clean
LeeDrOiD Add AOSP nav bar option to Aroma
R49 LeeDrOiD Add Optional LeeDrOiD Kernel - No sprint yet
LeeDROiD Trim partitions on install
LeeDrOiD Partition remount at boot time
LeeDrOiD Cache clean at boot time
LeeDROiD System Cleanup's
R48 LeeDrOiD Clean out some framework junk
LeeDrOiD Disable more debuggin and logging
LeeDrOiD Add optional USB default config - mtp/adb or Charge
LeeDrOiD Optional default china apps - can be toggled in tweaks
LeeDrOiD App updates
LeeDrOiD Zipalign
R47 LeeDrOiD Sprint Support fix - attempt 3
R46 LeeDrOiD Fix Hangouts sign in after wipe
R45 LeeDrOiD Update tweaks - fix invetred toggles
LeeDrOiD Add MM Permissions
R44 LeeDrOiD Fix Maps installation
R43 LeeDrOiD Add tweaks defaults to carrier support files
R42 LeeDrOiD Fix perms on preload
R41 LeeDrOiD Update Tweaks and add new toggle checks
R40 LeeDrOiD Update all remaining apps
R39 LeeDrOiD re update apps & zipalign
R38 LeeDrOiD Updater script fixups
R37 LeeDrOiD Enable developer settings by default
R36 LeeDrOiD xml & cript cleanup's
LeeDrOiD Freshly deodex base (App updates to follow)
R35 LeeDrOiD Add Preload from M9 OTA
R34 LeeDrOiD Boot sound off by default - faster boot time
R33 LeeDrOiD Fixed installer status 6 (missing quotation mark)
R32 LeeDrOiD Revert framework debug strip (to be re-done later)
LeeDrOiD Fixed Super User!
LeeDrOiD Fixed Sprint Support! - Thanks @thicklizard & the team!
R31 LeeDrOiD Sprint carrier support fix attempt 3
R30 LeeDrOiD Stripped debugging code from framework files
LeeDrOiD Enable multi window option in developer settings
LeeDrOiD Remove lazy run parts
LeeDrOiD Clean up boot scripts
LeeDrOiD Cache cleaning at boot time
LeeDrOiD Fix nav bar size selector in aroma
LeeDrOiD Add reboot to aroma
LeeDrOiD Re-enable proper system remounts
R29 LeeDrOiD Cleanups & permission fixes
R28 LeeDrOiD Update tweaks to Android 6.0 API
LeeDrOiD Remove default setting for Nav bar size
LeeDrOiD Remove default setting for battery percent
LeeDrOiD Disable partition trimming & remount's
LeeDrOiD Add dexOpt configurations
LeeDrOiD Disable coresight debugging
R27 LeeDrOiD Optimize boot audio - improve boot time
R26 LeeDrOiD Simplify carrier support
R25 LeeDrOiD Tweaks about update
R24 LeeDrOiD Fix APM reboot to recovery
R23 LeeDrOiD Add New / China recent apps toggle
R22 LeeDrOiD Add pnpmgr toggle to tweaks
R21 LeeDrOiD Cleanups
R20 LeeDrOiD Fix KCal install and re-pack IME
R19 LeeDROiD Fix updater
R18 LeeDROiD Fix & patch sprint boot.img
R17 LeeDrOiD Add *TEST*Carrier support - Sprint & AT&T *TEST*
R16 LeeDrOiD Add KCal - Screen color calibration
R15 LeeDrOiD Add Sweep to Sleep & Tweak
R14 LeeDrOiD Reduce perceived keyboard lag - reduce haptic feedback to 14ms
R13 LeeDrOiD Improve charging speed - L fast charge pnp.xml
R12 LeeDrOiD Zipalign recently modded apk's
R11 LeeDrOiD Fix inverted brightness slider toggle
R10 LeeDrOiD Add battery display options & clean updater
R9 LeeDrOiD Add Dynamic Dynamic Navigation Bar color tweak
R8 LeeDrOiD Update HTC Sense Home
R7 LeeDrOiD Add stock android SystemUI Tuner (long press settings icon in pulldown to activate)
R6 LeeDrOiD Add center clock & navigation bar size options to Aroma
R5 LeeDrOiD Prep framework for future tweaks
R4 LeeDrOiD Add quick settings brightness slider & tweaks toggle
R3 LeeDrOiD Clean updater app removal options