LeeDrOiD Apps Privacy Policy

  1. Apps produced by LeeDrOiD Apps do not store, collect or share any personal or device data.

  2. Billing is handled by Google play using the IAB API or via direct app purchase.

  3. All advertising is handled by Google API’s where applicable, advertising ID’s and other related information may be collected by these API’s depending on your google account configuration, control of this data lies outside of all LeeDrOiD Apps applications.

  4. All required device permissions as listed in the play store listing are required for the app to function as intended, permissions are only requested when required, a full explanation of each permission can be obtained via the link below, a popup is also presented explaining why that permission is required.

Apps covered by this policy include but are not limited too: Shortcutter Quick Settings, Volume Panel, Volume Panel Pro, Quick Reminders, Clipboard Editor & Night Light/Desk Clock.

Android permissions overview https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/permissions/overview